Friday, April 13, 2007

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Friday the 13th might mean something to some, for me it meant the scare of my life for a brief moment. The details are not necessary, I kind of need to get a thicker skin or maybe just trust or something. The trick played almost did me in for the day, but all was explained later. If I have confused you, sorry, but I am not going to say anymore on this subject.

The morning was spent in therapy. It seems I have used up all my therapy sessions allowed with my insurance. Now my therapist is going to have to try and get my more sessions. It is frustrating as I am not progressing as fast as I would like. I see the Doc next Friday and I wonder what he is going to say about my next step. I guess I am just kind of frustrated and really not sure what is going to happen to me. I have visions of not being able to do all the things I like to so now that the nicer weather is coming.

Have you ever had a person really surprise you by showing a side that you have never seen. It happened today and it just meant there was one more subject that we had in common. I can not even fully express how exciting that is to me.

This weekend is Prime Steel here in Grand Forks. I am not sure if we will be going, but I will be really surprised if we do NOT. John is putting in a rather long day today and so I am sure having a relaxing day tomorrow. Tessa says she is going to work on her room. Any takers on how that is going to go? Well, I hope you all have a great weekend. Till next time...

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